Why Does This Organization Matter?

softball2Do you remember playing sports as a kid?  On a team or just on the street where you lived. Do you remember your favorite coach and how you felt about them and how they believed in you?  What made them special?  Do you remember?  Do you remember the confidence you gained playing sports and the lessons you learned?  What did your favorite sport teach you?   Respect?  Teamwork? Discipline? Character? Drive?  Coping with Adversity?


Do remember the friendships and that feeling of being carefree when all you cared about was sharing the one bat and helmet that we had to share with 12 other kids?  Do you remember the days when all you needed was an old football or soccer ball and an open grassy area with friends to have fun? 


Yes, it’s hard to remember now as an adult isn’t it? BUT we are seeking people who DO remember what that meant to them and want to give that experience back to other children.  Think about the path it led you down and how fortunate you were to have that experience and let that motivate you to give and know that you can make a BIG difference even with a small donation matter to a kid in need. 


We firmly believe encouraging kids to dedicate themselves studyto education first and supplementing it with playing sports is life-changing and plays an integral role in shaping children into who they become as adults. Playing sports is proven to teach kids how to cross barriers and be their best.  Playing sports also creates community minded young adults, unites diversity and affects the heart and minds of kids that no other childhood experience can give them.  We firmly believe no child should be denied these opportunities!